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LeaderHeads Commands

Command Permission Function
/leaderheads update <all>/<leaderboard> leaderheads.update Updates the specified leaderboards or all leaderboards if specified.
/leaderheads armorstand <small>/<big> leaderheads.armorstand Creates an armorstand. You must be looking at a sign to use this command.
/leaderheads setserver <server> leaderheads.setserver Makes the targetted sign synchronize from the specified server.
/leaderheads removeserver leaderheads.removeserver Removes the synchronized server from the targetted sign.
/leaderheads addexempt <name> leaderheads.addexempt Exempts the specified name from showing up in leaderboards.
/leaderheads removeexempt <name> leaderheads.removeexempt Allows the specified name to show up in leaderboards.
/leaderheads resetexempts leaderheads.resetexempts Resets the list of exempted players.
/leaderheads warnings leaderheads.warnings Shows the errors that LeaderHeads might have detected.
/leaderheads reload leaderheads.reload Reloads the entire plugin.
/leaderheads menu <command> No permission needed Opens the leaderboard menu as if you typed the command manually. This is useful because the commands for the menu's aren't registered as official commands.
/leaderheads Shows general information and the status of the plugin.
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